• Armor Credit Solutions was founded with the knowledge that consumers needed help navigating credit reports, credit bureaus, and consumer rights in a fair, effective and ethical way. We researched the industry and found the reputation was less than favorable. There was information everywhere promising perfect credit and other unreasonable expectations. Our foundation is built on consumer advocacy; we always put our clients’ best interests first. All of our business comes by referral and we work hard every day to provide the highest level of service to both our clients as well as our Finance and Real Estate referral partners.

    Clients who enroll with Armor Credit Solutions will receive the utmost attention on their particular file needed to improve credit scores in the quickest way possible.  Our extensive knowledge of credit scoring and the data that plays into scores places us above our competition.  Our credit restoration strategies are proven and effective as we have helped thousands of clients over 17+ years achieve higher credit scores.  On average, we will improve scores 30-80 points in the first 35-45 days and even more over the duration of our 6 month service.   We will dispute and contest erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable information on your credit report.  Moreover, we will provide strategy regarding current accounts such as collections, charge-offs, judgments, repossessions and past due accounts. We are not what is known as a “Dispute Letter Mill” that sends letters over and over to the Credit Reporting Agencies. We also do not limit or stagger your disputes in an attempt to keep you paying for our services over time. We fix personal information, help remove accounts, and improve credit scores using our vast knowledge and experience of or with consumer protection laws, credit bureaus, creditors and credit scoring.

  • How it works

     Before enrollment, we will analyze your credit report for you.  If we cannot help right away, we inform you and offer other options.  We will analyze your report, discuss your goals and game plan for your personal credit restoration process.  After enrollment documents and payment is provided, we get started for you right away!  We will develop dispute letters to the bureaus and provide strategy for any accounts needing specific attention from you and/or help you rebuild your credit in order to speed up the increase of your credit scores!  We’ll provide everything you need, it’s easy!