• Encompassing over 20+ years of credit repair experience

    Credit restoration requires vast knowledge of consumer protection law and much experience in dealing with creditors and credit bureaus to strengthen your credit file significantly.

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    Your Credit is our Credibility

    We strive to provide you the quickest and most significant score increases in the shortest amount of time possible to allow you to start using your credit the way you need.

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  • We work to strengthen credit files and improve scores with all 3 bureaus

    All 3 credit scores are very important, especially when you are applying for a home loan. A mortgage loan officer will usually base qualification, loan type and annual percentage rate off your middle of the three scores. All three bureaus will need dedicated attention in order to improve each credit file. Armor Credit Solutions will help with everything you need in order to have the good credit you deserve.

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    Don’t delay. So much is riding on your credit scores... your car loan, your home loan, your credit cards, your rates, your utilities, your next JOB!

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